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Deemed Export Benefits & Drawback

Service Areas : DGFT / ZJDGFT / JDGFT

We provide Advice and Assistance for Deemed Export Benefits & Drawback (BR / AJR)

Deemed Export Benefits

Deemed exports shall be eligible for any / all of following benefits in respect of manufacture and supply of goods, qualifying as deemed exports, subject to terms and conditions as given in HBP and ANF-7A: (a) Advance Authorisation / Advance Authorisation for annual requirement / DFIA. (b) Deemed Export Drawback for BCD. (c) Refund of terminal excise duty for excisable goods mentioned in Schedule 4 of Central Excise Act 1944 provided the supply is eligible under that category of deemed exports and there is no exemption.

Deemed Export Drawback (BR/AJR)

The refund of drawback in the form of Basic Customs duty of the inputs used in manufacture and supply under the said category shall be given on brand rate basis upon submission of documents evidencing actual payment of basic custom duties.

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