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Service Areas : DGFT / ZJDGFT / JDGFT

We provide Advice and Assistance for Registration, Valuation, Clearance, Cancellation, Claims with Customs department

Drawback Claims All Industry Rate Claims

Duty Drawback of Customs / Central Excise Duties / Service Tax
The scheme is administered by Department of Revenue. Under this scheme products made out of duty paid inputs are first exported and thereafter refund of duty is claimed in two ways:

  • All Industry Rates : As per Schedule
  • Brand Rate : As per application on the basis of data/documents

Refund Through All Industry Rates
Refund of service tax paid on specified output services used for export of goods is available at specified all industry rates.

Customs Services

Our services and expertise include SAD Refund / EDD Refund, Second Hand Machinery Clearance /valuation, Special Valuation Branch Renewal, BG and Bond Cancellation / TRA related works, Project Import Registration

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