CSR of Excel Group

The Excel Foundation

Motto : "Excelling to Empower"

The Excel Foundation has supported various educational activities, community awareness programmes, Personality & Leadership Training programmes and more.

An equal, just and sustainable place for all, especially the vulnerable and underprivileged sections of the society, where everyone will be able to excel in their chosen field and rise towards a wholesome empowerment.

Vision shall be realized through interventions, direct and indirect, in areas of Hunger, Health, Education, Income –Generation, Craft Promotion, Agriculture, Food Preservation, Sustainable Environment, Human Resource Development, Minor Rural infrastructure, Civil Society Social Campaigns & Resource Mobilization.

All our activities shall be governed by the following five guiding principles & values

Integrity of Mind, Honesty of Intention, Equality of Treatment, Empathy in Action and Transparency in All


  • To extend direct assistance to physically, mentally and socially disadvantaged sections of the society
  • To provide education-related interventions to cater to the school children, especially in rural areas 
  • To assist in the improvement of sanitation and health of needy communities
  • To undertake Income generation programs through micro-financing and social enterprise
  • To help in the upgradation and promotion of traditional, indigenous and local craft know-how and skills
  • To organize agro – based Initiatives including value additions, Food processing and preservation
  • To promote sustainable environment & ecological balance of nature
  • To undertake capacity - building of people and to give human resource training to Community based organizations
  • To create much-needed minor infrastructures to assist rural communities
  • To work in partnership with various civil society actors like schools, colleges, NGOs, government departments and service organizations to enhance the standard of living
  • To support other non-profit & charitable trusts / societies with similar objectives like our own, so as to extend our reach
  • To lawfully mobilize resources from inside and outside the country for taking up various interventions, including tapping of the corporate social responsibility potential of companies and corporates.



The Excel Foundation organized various programmes for strengthening and capacity building of Community- based organizations, Non-Governmental organizations , Voluntary Agencies, working for the upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden, understanding the important roles played by civil society in building a stronger and healthier nation.


The Excel Foundation has supported various community awareness programmes conducted among general public against social evils like all forms of tobacco consumption, liquor and durg abuse. It has sponsored the medical expenses of needy & poor people. It has assisted the efforts of the Rotary International, the National & State Governments towards total Global Polio Eradication.

Women & Girl Children

The Excel Foundation has extended support to the conduct of Awareness Programmes exclusively for women & girl children to promote personal hygienic, sanitation in the surroundings & general health. It has assisted in sponsorship of Incinerators to girls schools / girls hostels to promote personal hygiene

Youth Empowerment

The Excel Foundation either sponsored in total, conducted, supported or assisted a number of Personality & Leadership Training programmes and camps, for school students, college students and community youth, in association with Rotary movement.


The Excel Foundation has supported various educational activities. The concept of adopting rural villages with a special focus on the development of learning ambience of the schools, enabled a holistic approach to the needs of the students as well as the schools.
The foundation has played an important role in promoting literacy in the primary & middle school levels by way of providing learning aids, helping to build necessary basic infrastructure like providing potable & protected drinking water facilities and construction of toilet facilities, besides recognizing meritorious students & teachers and sponsoring poorest of the poor students for higher studies.