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Excel Energy Systems Pvt Ltd is a Team of Professionals providing end to end solutions in Process Cooling Industrial Applications covering Design, Manufacture and Supply of customised Industrial Refrigeration Systems catering to cross segments industrial needs.

Our Primary focus is on the following Industrial Applications :
Pharmaceuticals and Bulk Drugs
Food Processing, Dairies and Large Cold Storage Applications
Chemicals, Fine Chemicals and Fertilizers
Liquefaction, Condensation, Storage Handling and Vapour Recovery

With our Competent professionals enriched with vast Industrial experience, we customise solutions on an endto- end basis for all Industrial Cooling and Refrigeration systems.Our full fledged expertise in Sytem Design, Innovative Engineering and Quality Manufacturing aiming to deliver all our products at high Quality and Speed. Our Design accounts for Energy efficiency and reliability with the integration of latest Technologies and centralised Automation systems. Our Products are Energy efficient using eco friendly refrigerants like Ammonia, Propane, Propylene, CO2 , R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, etc..,

Our Design and Manufacturing process meet the requisite Industrial Standards and Energy norms. Our principle on Continuous improvement approach driving always high reliable product design and flawless service support throughout the Life Cycle of the product.